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La Pescaia 1522

Our "Liquid Gold"

100% Purest Extra Virgin 

The best extra virgin olive oil comes from centenary olive trees.

Trees spontaneously born on the slopes of etruscans hills and grafted by our grandparents at the end of the xix century. The stones, the dryness of the land, the silence and solitude are the ideal habitat for these majestic sculptures of immortal strength and beauty.

Homer has called it "liquid gold." for the ancients it was sacred: a medicine, a cosmetic, a symbol of purification, blessing and victory. As any real precious material it is rare to find in its purest form.

 We have a discovered a treasure.

The olives are collected by hand when they are not quite yet ripe.
Smaller, with less water, but richer in oil, antioxidants and life.

Like in the old days, we walk the olive grove and plant to plant we caress each branch. These colored gems rest in baskets in the shade until sunset and when it becomes dark they are turned in to liquid gold.

The cold pressing, strictly done through mechanical procedures, is immediately followed by a careful filtering of the olive oil. This procedure, rarely done immediately after the pressing, warrants the extreme purity of the product. By completely eliminating the solid residual we can guarantee that any organic particle will alter the exceptional antioxidant quality of the oil and its unique balance of aromas.

The smell and taste of our liquid gold are those of this ancient land.

A land that has never tasted pesticides, that for thousands of years has been inhabit by wild animals and nourished by the aromatic herbs and the fruits of the mediterranean bush.

So, when you close your eyes, you can taste the artichoke, the wild almond, the tomato and the magic sunsets of maremma.

"My great-great grandfather Mario Tolomei,

towards the middle of the last century, created the Pescaia's olive groves, both planting numeros olive trees, both isolating thousands of wild ones - as from the chronicles - cutting  the bush and grafting them with the best quality ones. "

God belss my great-grandfather. This is its oil and mine. "

Pia Tolomei

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