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Organic Farm

Before us, since the beginning of time, these plains and hills have been home to ancient cultures and wild animals.

We are honored to be custodians of this magical piece of land and feel responsible to pass it on to our successors.

It is our deep belief that the planet deserves respect and we are convinced that a single gesture can make the difference.

This is why at la Pescaia we do our best to have the least possible impact on nature.

Our farming is organic, which means we avoid any type of pesticide letting Nature dictate its rhythms without forcing productions

and accepting that sometime “less is more”.

Animals are raised free and considered as part of our family. Many of them where rescued, other were born here.

They all have a name, each one with a special story..

In all our activities, including hospitality we try to avoid disposable plastic, we are committed to using ecological products as much

as possible and we do our best not to waist precious resources such as electricity and water


The best extra virgin olive oil comes from centenary olive trees.

Trees spontaneously born on the slopes of etruscans hills and grafted by our grandparents at the end of the xix century. The stones, the dryness of the land, the silence and solitude are the ideal habitat for these majestic sculptures of immortal strength and beauty.

Homer has called it "liquid gold." for the ancients it was sacred: a medicine, a cosmetic, a symbol of purification, blessing and victory. As any real precious material it is rare to find in its purest form.

 We have a discovered a treasure. The olives are collected by hand when they are not quite yet ripe. Smaller, with less water, but richer in oil, antioxidants and life.Like in the old days, we walk the olive grove and plant to plant we caress each branch. These colored gems rest in baskets in the shade until sunset and when it becomes dark they are turned in to liquid gold.